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Tuesday, 26 March 2013 18:13

What can I write after a season like this? I think if I write “Finally it’s over!” describes best my feelings just now. This time last year I was absolutely satisfied and really happy about my season, but now I’m only happy that the ski-o season is over. Ski-o tour, European and World championships are behind us, no I try to forgot everything and look for the future, look for the next season with interesting world cup races.

The season started so well. We had a nice training camp in November in Bruksvallarna. We were 7 persons from 5 countries (Gabriele and Greta from Lithuania, Anna from Austria, Johanka from Czech, Laura from Hungary, Zozo and me from Romania). Later we made one more training camp together with Mora ski gymnasium in Sjusjoen, Norway same time with the first ski-o competitions.


Our first important races were planned close to Mora, in Grönklitt, but there was not enough snow, so they had to move them to Vemdalen. I was not totally satisfied with my races there, but I felt good so it was ok.

Than happened something. We were home for Christmas, I got sick, on the way home from the airport our car broke. Without car and sick I had problems to get prepared for the ski-o tour.

Ski-o Tour

I traveled there after eating almost nothing for 3 days. Every day I felt better and better. I had more and more energy and could get a higher speed on the skiing. Unfortunately I misspunched on the sprint race in France so my total result was destroyed already on the second day, but I was still satisfied with the week in the Alps. We had nice weather and a cool team (Laura, Zozo, my father and me).

Swedish Championships

I think my best race of the season was on the Swedish championships. Saturday afternoon we had a short prolog race and Sunday morning the big final with chasing start in the Lugnet ski arena in Falun. SVT (the Swedish national channel) broadcasted the race live! It was a nice experience to be live in the TV :) Unfortunately this was the only Swedish championship I couldn't compete this winter as I was sick both during the Örnsköldsvik and Lulea weekends.

Romanian Championships

I could take with me some positive energy from Falun home to the champs. They were hold on the same place like last year. I didn’t felt 100%, but still it was enough to win all the races. The weather was not so nice, a lot of rain, than snow, warm later cold. Unfortunately I got sick, so my training for European champs was influenced a lot.

European Championships

This years European champs were organized in Madona, Latvia. As I was traveling there sick, I had to jump over the model event and mixed sprint relay. The middle distance was a fight, long distance I couldn’t at all follow the group and the sprint was ok for me, but I was still very long after the best ones.


World Championships

I was waiting for this week for 2 years. I was training for these competitions all the summer. All the winter, with all the sicknesses, I focused only on world championships. But my health again destroyed all my plans. After Latvia I got sick and couldn’t train at all. I travel to Kazakhstan without any fast training the last week (my last fast training was the sprint race in Latvia). Not enough that I was not well prepared for the races the weather made my possibilities even worse: new snow, hard rain. I felt that it was almost impossible to wax the skis. Last day, on the long distance, I finally had good wax, but than I first broke my pole and later my ski, so my race was destroyed. Of course I fought till the end, but my result was not good…

Bad results, but a really nice week! We met new people, we had a lot of fun and we enjoyed our stay in Ridder! Later we stayed two more days in Almaty to make a little bit of sightseeing.

Now I’m sick again. The sun is shining outside, it’s cold, perfect conditions for spring cross country skiing. We would like to go out and enjoy the sun, the nature, but no we have to stay home and try to get healthy.

As bad season I had, as good one Laura had. First she was competing at the Cross Country World Championships in Val di Fiemme, Italy. Later she won a bronze medal at Swedish sprint championships. On World championships, long distance, she made her best ever competition. And later she had a golden weekend in Lulea. Together with Magda Olsson they won the gold medal on the Swedish relay championships!

How will the future be? We will see… Now I try to forget this winter and look forward. First spring and summer, later next winters planing will start.

I would like to thank, Mora ski gymnasium (especially Ola Mopers), my family and all my friends for the support they gave me during this hard times! Thank You!




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