My orienteering life

The beginning
As I grow up in an orienteering family my parents took me to competitions already in my first years. After some years of learning to use the map and the compass (and a lot of times my parents had to search for me in the forest) I started to compete in M 12 class for CSU Brasov club. Besides orienteering I also learned to ski (thanks to my father and the local cross country club - Borbáth Ágoston coach). The first Romanian Championships in ski-o I took part was 1996 in Danesti, but my race ended after some meters, because I totally got lost. Winter 1998 brought my first success: I won the ski-o championships in M 12 class. Since then I won almost all individual ski-o national championships in the class I was competing (except 2010, when I was organizer of ski-o European Championships and had no time to train).

First international race
February 2000, Slovakia. I was as a spectator at JWOC - WCup in Slovakia, together with my father (he competed in the Word Cup). I competed in the Alpen Cup races during the week spent there. This week gave me the push to start to train for high level ski-o.
Next winter brought me my first ski-o JWOC start in Italy. I was just 14 years old, but I enjoyed competing at JWOC.

Youth years (2002-2004)
My youth years brought me a lot of international experience. I competed in some WCup races and competitions for my age class.
In 2002 the ski-o EYOC (European Youth Orienteering Championships) made his debut, and I was there! The competitions in Czech Republic were a real success for me. I finished the short distance race on the very good 6th place.
Some weeks later I first started at ski-o World Championships. I was proud to finish as only a 15 years old boy a WOC long distance!
2003 and 2004 I competed at EYOC in Russia and Finland winning 3 more diplomas (every time 6th place).
2004 brought me my second WOC in Sweden.
On home ground I started to compete in the Elite class at the sprint Romanian Championships, winning my first National champion titles.

Junior years (2005-2007)
The junior years help me develop my ski-o technique and find my place in the elite of this sport. I competed at JWOC in 2005 - Switzerland, 2006 - Russia and 2007 - Austria. Thanks to a good teamwork in the national team (the coach was my father) and a very good team work on local level (together with Szép Zoltán, Suciu Simion and Vaszi Benedek) I could get better and better results getting my top result in 2007 on the sprint race: 12th place.
In Romania I could make my first Grand Slam, winning all 4 national championships 2006 and repeat my Grand Slam 2007 also.

First elite years (2008-2009)
During winter 2008 I competed in some WCup rounds in Switzerland, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan. I got my first higher World Cup points and finished finally on the 40th place in the World Cup ranking.
In 2009 I invested a lot in preparing for WOC in Japan. Unfortunately I hadn't the results I was expecting.
Summer 2009 brought me my first international competition in foot-o. I ran the sprint race at WOC in Hungary.
I almost repeated my Grand Slam in Romania in 2008 (winning 3 of 4 gold medals), but won 4 of 4 in 2009. These years I won my first foot-o national medals in relay.

Comeback (2011)
In 2010 I was the main organizer of the ski-o World Winter Week in Miercurea Ciuc (European Championships, Junior World Championships, Masters World Championships and Youth European Championships). Because of the event I couldn't train and compete all the season.
After graduating in summer 2010 and moving to Sweden I started to train again.
The 2011 winter season started with the European Championships in Norway. I had good races, but not the best I could make. In the end of March the WOC was organized on "home ground" (I mean Sweden). The weather God was not with me, unfortunately it was snowing on my sprint race, so I had problems finding the tracks. The middle distance was very good, I finished first time ever in the top 30 on the 28th place. On the sprint relay I competed together with Fey Zsuzsa and we finished on a very good 10th place. Finally the long distance was a long fight with the weather.
After the long ski-o season I started to compete in foot-o also running my first 10mila, Jukola, O-Ringen.

My goals for the future are mostly in ski-o, but also in foot-o. This winter I plan to run the whole World Cup season, World Championships 2013 and so on. I hope I can run also European Championships next spring here in Mora and maybe WOC in Switzerland, but WE WILL SEE WHAT THE FUTURE BRINGS...

My results:

World Ski Orienteering Championships
2011: Sprint 35th ¦ Middle 28th ¦ Long 32nd ¦ Sprint relay 10th ¦
2009: Sprint 38th ¦ Middle 37th ¦ Long 44th ¦
2004: Sprint 45th ¦ Middle 37th ¦ Long 45th ¦
2002: Middle 54th ¦ Long 57th ¦

Ski Orienteering World Cup
total ranking: 25th
USA: Sprint 24th ¦ Middle 19th ¦ Long 25th ¦
Ukraine: Sprint 42nd ¦ Middle 39th ¦ 
Kazakhstan: Sprint 25th ¦ Middle 24th ¦ Long 25th ¦
Sweden: Sprint 31st ¦ Middle 23rh ¦ Ultra Long 25th ¦
total ranking: 42nd
Switzerland: Middle 56th ¦
Bulgaria: Sprint 31st ¦ Middle 36th ¦ Long 38th ¦
Kazakhstan: Sprint 24th ¦ Middle 27th ¦ Long 26th ¦
total ranking: 55th
Russia: Middle 29th ¦ Long 25th ¦ Relay 7th
Estonia: Middle 44th ¦

Junior World Ski Orienteering Championships
2007: Sprint 12th ¦ Middle 25th ¦ Long 23rd ¦
2006: Sprint 29th ¦ Middle 27th ¦ Long 21st ¦ Relay 8th ¦
2005: Sprint 39th ¦ Middle 25th ¦ Long 26th ¦ Relay 7th ¦
2001: Middle 55th ¦ Long 58th ¦

European Youth Ski Orienteering Championships
2004: Middle 6th ¦ Long 9th ¦
2003: Middle 6th ¦ Long 6th ¦
2002: Middle 6th ¦ Long 17th ¦

Romanian Championships
23 times Elite National Champion

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