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Monday, 05 November 2012 21:43

As the winter season starts life comes back to my webpage. Last weeks the winter, the snow came to Mora area so we can feel how close the ski-o season is. We also used the good conditions to start skiing already in the end of October. But before I write about these days I should start this article maybe somewhere around June-July.


All July I was home in Mora. Laura was working so we didn’t travel anywhere, but I think it was my best ever “summer training month”. As the days were long we could make really nice, long running, cycling, roller skiing sessions. All the months hard work peaked on the 28th of July (my birthday) when we ran our longest ever lap: 33.8 km – the Bjarnerundan. The longest and one of the hardest rounds around Mora (many-many wet marshes).

August had two important parts. First part was a glacier training camp in Ramsau, Austria. I organized the camp for the IFK Mora ski-o runners, but sadly only 3 people were interested in joining, so we traveled 4 persons (Anna Gunnars, Lisa Lindgren and Jonatan Höjlind). Every morning we went up to the Dachstein glacier for skiing. It was the first time for me on a glacier, but surely not the last one! During afternoons we made really good trainings down around Ramsau. Running, roller skiing, cycling, orienteering, rollerski-o and a lot of strength trainings.

The second part of the month consisted of competitions. First Romanian Championships and later in the beginning of September Hungarian Sprint and Team Championships. I clearly developed both running and on the map, so I was quite satisfied with my results on the Romanian Champs (6th sprint, 5th middle, 4th long and finally a bronze medal on the relay). In Hungary I made a stupid mistake on sprint (on the way to the 10th control I already looked to the next route and forgot to punch that control), but on the team championship we (Zozo, Solyom and me) ran very well finishing on the 4th place.

Since the middle of September we prepared for the winter season. Unfortunately I was a little bit sick and later had also some motivation problems, so I couldn’t train as much as I had planned. BUT now as the winter looks to be here I’m fit again and feel to have a lot of energy :) I had a very hard and good summer, so maybe it was good to take it a little bit easier for a month and fill up the batteries for the hard autumn and winter.

Two weeks ago I started a new job. I’m working at Skistart, an online ski shop. It’s one of the biggest cross country online shops in Sweden. I’m working as a service man, waxing the skis, putting on the bindings and things like this. I really enjoy it as I can learn a lot about skis, waxing.

Last weekend Grönklitt put out the snow from last winter so we could start our skiing season already on the 27th of October :) Monday it snowed also, but unfortunately the snow melted under the rain and plus degrees during the second part of the week. Friday we went up again to Grönklitt for a weekend training camp, so I can say I’M BACK ON TRACK! :)





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