Jumping over the spring
Friday, 22 June 2012 09:18

It was a long time ago I last time wrote some news on my website. First of all not much happened and I had also not so much motivation to write. The winter season was long and exhausting so I needed also a little bit of „writing rest” :)

The spring is over, it´s summer. Yes, summer in Sweden also. The winter was long, the spring started late, you could say cool for us skiers, but actually it wasn't fun at all to wake up in April with 20 cm new snow. It´s not enough for skiing but too much to enjoy it...


The last months had some important events (not for me... for other orienteering runners). First of the 3 big events was 10mila. I got also a place in the third team and ran very well on the 7th leg. Laura ran on the women´s 10mila, but she also ran in the „IFK Mora ladies night” team. 10 women running the whole mens 10mila. They managed all the long night courses well so they won the race between the „only women” teams :)

Middle of May the orienteering European Championships were organized in Dalarna (Falun, Mora and Orsa region). IFK Mora was one of the two organizing clubs, so I was helping a little bit as an organizer, but same time I was also helping the Hungarian team as a second team leader. It was really hard to find time to train with all this work. Laura was running the middle-, long distance and the relay. She made a really good middle qualification and final, a not so good long distance race and on the relay (running 3rd leg) she was alone all the race and couldn't do so much, but still made a good job.

The last big event of the spring was last weeks Jukola in Finland. Once again I was running in the third team, but now the 5th leg. It was much more fun this year than last year. Then I had big problems with my stomach. Now it was ok, despite the 4 o´clock in the morning running time. I made a good race with missing only one control 1:30 minutes, but that´s ok.

This weekend I will compete on the Hungarian Middle distance and Relay championships. Then it´s over with traveling for some time. Just training and training home in Mora.

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