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Monday, 02 April 2012 11:00

The World Cup season is over. It was my first season to race the whole World Cup. In the total ranking I finished on a very good 25th place. I'm absolutely satisfied with this result as my goal for the season was to be in the top 25. The last World Cup round was organized here in Sweden, but more than 800 km away from Mora, up in Boden. Last winter when we were there a race had to be cancelled, because of -30°C, so this year's weather around 0°C was perfect for ski orienteering :)


The same time with the World Cup round the Swedish Championships was organized so we traveled and lived together with our IFK Mora OK team mates. The last weeks before the round were not the best for me. Just after traveling home from Kazakhstan I got sick. Later I felt without energy, so it was hard to build up the form for the last World Cup week. The conditions were also not the best here in Mora. Almost no snow... The day before we traveled up to Boden we went skiing on the Vasaloppet track, but it was more ice skating than skiing :D

The first day was the sprint race. The start was close to our accommodation, just besides the camping. I started very well, I felt strong, I had no problems reading the map, but than the problem came: we had a map change. On the first map the north lines were vertically - on the second one horizontally. When I took the new map I just continued skiing forward, after some turns I didn't understand where I am. It took me over a minute to understand where I was... There I lost the possibility for a really good race. I was skiing without mistakes to the finish, but it was enough only for a disappointing 31st place. Laura had a very good beginning, catching a Swedish girl, but got stressed when she saw her, so made a big-big mistake. Men and women map.

As Hungary and Romania had no team, we had no official relay. Laura competed on an open race and I made a relay with Andrin Kappenberger from Switzerland and Bernd Kohlschmidt from Germany (he lived with us on the IFK Mora accommodation). It was the perfect possibility to get a good feeling for the middle distance :) The rest day we made a short sightseeing in Boden, later we started to prepare the skis already for Sunday's ultra long distance.

Saturday was finally MY day! The middle distance. This year the middle races were absolutely my most preferred races. I started well, made some bad route choices, but was still good in the race. On the last part I was already so tired, that I had to say all the time to myself: "Focus, it's only some controls left!", but still I missed to the 4rd and 4rd last controls and took a wrong route to the second last. There I missed a top 20 place, but still it was the very best race of the week finishing on the 23rd place getting many points for the total World Cup. Laura had also some mistakes in her race, but still managed many points for the total. Men and women map.

As the last day of the Boden week, but not only, as the last day of the whole 2012 World Cup was the Ultra Long distance. According to the organizers the shortest route was 46.8km, but often we skied around the big hills and not directly over them, so it was sure more than 50km :) Not enough an ultra long, but also with mass start...ohhh. I was thinking a lot of this race during the whole winter, but all the time I thought only that it's just to finish the race and get the double points. This was also my idea on the start, so I started easy the first lap. Still with the mass start and many runners I missed a little bit on the 3-4 control, but it was ok. I had really bad skis in the beginning (it snowed the night before the races), so I changed my skis after the first lap. On the second lap I felt that I have a lot of energy so I should try to go faster. Lap three was also good and I still felt much energy so I was confident that I can push the last shorter lap also and hopefully catch some runner in front of me. I passed a Finnish runner close to the radio control and later saw Even from Estonia some meters in front of me. I get closer to him and could pass him on the way to the 3rd last control! So after 3 hours of skiing I passed the finish line on the 25th place. I was so happy to finish my longest ever race and also to finish my first World Cup season (first with competing on all the races). Laura also had a long fight with the distance, but she managed it and absolutely deserved her 32 Word Cup points :) Men and women ultra long map.

Finally both Laura and me finished on the 25th place of the total World Cup. We are absolutely satisfied with these result, but I will write more about the whole season in a later article. All the competition pictures in this article are made by Nordenmark. Thanks for them!

Now we are resting a little bit, but also doing some ski-o with club championships and a Easter Tour of the ski gymnasium. Later in the week we will travel to Norrköping for a foot-o training camp with IFK Mora.

One evening we had a nice surprise on the sky :) It was worth traveling to the north, just for that view.


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