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Friday, 17 February 2012 14:01

The Romanian ski-o championships for 2012 were held last weekend in the Semenic mountains, in the south-western part of Romania. It was the first time ever a ski-o race was in that region. I arrived home to my parents at 1:40 after the long trip home from Califonia and had to leave alreadz at 13 to travel to the championships. After last years disaster (misspunchned on both long and relay) I had some pressure, but I felt strong after all the good World Cup results.

The weekend started with the sprint race. It was a good competition. I made no mistakes, could push on the uphills in the beginning and had enough energy till the finish line. My first race for my new club and my first victory of the weekend. I felt really tired after the 15 minutes race, but it was probably because of the jet leg. 10 hours difference between California and Romania is not managable in 2 days.

During the night to Saturday it snowed and the wind was blowing, so for the middle distance we had almost no tracks. The course setting was also not the best, but we all had hard conditions so we fighted. I could manage my second victory :)

The last individual race was Sunday´s long distance. I started last of the medal pretenders. Already on the first map I catched up some competitors starting in front of me. At the mapchange I had already more than 5 minutes advantage. Later when I saw Suciu Simion, I realized that everything is ok and I can take it easier and keep some energy for the relay. Third race, third victory.

It was the first time we competed on a relay for our new club VSK Csikszereda. Szep Zoli made a good first leg, finishing with the other teams. Our second leg runner, Suciu Simion skied also very good so I could go out with 3 minutes advantage. I made a controlled race so we won without problems :) It was Zoli and Simi who made this victory, I only had to do my course easily :)

After some days home at my parents and struggeling with a small sickness, I´m already preparing for the next World Cup round/ European Championships in Ucraine. I will travel on Sunday and meet Laura there as she is flying from Sweden.

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