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Sunday, 18 December 2011 20:20

This weekend we finally had our first ski-o races. In the beginning of the week the Swedish orienteering federation with the help of the Mora ski gymnasium decided to make 2 races in Evertsberg. Evertsberg is 40km from Mora, it's one of the control points of the Vasaloppet, so both days the finish was at the Vasaloppet control. Mostly it was a selection race for the World Cup for the Swedish team, but also the Norwegian team, Greg Walker from the USA and some other middle European runners who live here in the north took part.


Saturday afternoon we started for the sprint race. The whole race was organized around the houses in Evertsberg. I started concentrated so I didn't missed to the first control as many other competitors did. The race was going well till the 9th control. Then I made a stupid mistake.... I knew that I have to go to the right all the time, so I skied on the road between the houses (btw. that track wasn't on the map). When I arrived to the big road I needed some seconds to find myself again on the map. This mistake took 40s... too much for a sprint. Later everything was ok again till the second last control. There I crashed and we were three persons trying to punch the same time... 15 more lost seconds. I finished finally on the 13th place, 117% behind the winner, H-J Kvaale. It was the % like my best race last year, so I could say that it was an OK result. Here the map.

Sunday we had a middle distance. Both races were a little bit longer the the standard sprint and middle, but at least we could compete/train for a longer time on the ski-o tracks. In the beginning I felt a little bit slow. As I started 2 minutes before H-J Kvaale, I was sure he will catch me soon, but he broke his ski to the 2nd control. This race was technically much harder than the sprint, but I felt all the way good. I had no problem reading the map and following the tracks. Everything was well till the map change. On the second map we had a long-long cross country part back to the finish area. On this part I lost quite much, because I had bad skis and was to tired. Finally I finished 7 minutes behind on the 14th place. But the most important for me was my personal record of 114% :) Laura made also a very good middle race finishing 138% behind the winner. My map part 1 and part 2.

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