3,2,1...go! The season started!
Monday, 12 December 2011 11:46

Before the startLast weekend the competition season finally started. Unfortunately not with ski-o races, but at least with a cross country race (FIS Scandic Cup). Initially the competition was planned to be in Idre (150km from Mora), but as there was no snow it was moved to Östersund (321km from Mora). The ski-o training camp and races for this week were cancelled.

Since I wrote last time we have been doing the training camp in Bruksvallarna. The first 3 days were very good, but later the track was like an ice rink for one day and the last day it got warm and we made water skiing...


Last week I had quite big problems with the pain in my lower back. I could ski easy, but as I tried to push the pain got stronger. I tried to run, to swim, just to do something else then ski, but it didn't helped so much.

Friday afternoon we traveled up to Östersund (thanks to the coaches from Mora Ski gymnasium that we could travel with you!). There we lived in the apartment of Mattias Johansson, an IFK Mora OK club mate (thanks!). As we didn't compete on the classic race on Saturday we just went out to ski a little bit and to learn the track for Sundays race. It was the first time I was in Östersunds ski stadium and it was fun to ski on the tracks we saw a week ago in the TV from the biathlon World Cup. Saturday I was still not sure if I should compete, because of my back, but skiing finally on natural snow, on good tracks made my decision to start.

Laura competingFor Idre the organizers had planned a 5km race for the women and 10km for the men. I don't know why, but unfortunately they changed it to 10km - women and 15km - men. Laura was the first starter in the women class. It was her first ever cross country competition! She skied very-very good. Of course, it's very hard to compete against Swedish elite skiers, but she managed it well. Later in the afternoon I had my race. I can't say that I'm as much satisfied with my race as with Lauras. I could ski in a constant speed all the 15km, but I still missed the plus energy I hoped to have. I trained much more this autumn, but can't really see the results of it... (yet)... With this race I realized once again how much more I like ski-o! It's not only pushing-pushing on the track with maximum pulse, in ski-o you have to use much more you brain, think, take it a little bit easier, because you never know what you will have after the next corner.

Now we are back in Mora. Unfortunately all the ski-o programs for this week were cancelled. No training camp, no WRE competitions, nothing. I'm quite disappointed, but that's life!

Laura's webpage is also ready now, so you can read in Hungarian about her/us on (or by clicking on the right upper corner on "Laura"). You can watch our photos in bigger size if you click on them!

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