Rain and pain
Monday, 28 November 2011 12:54

Yes, these two words can describe my last week. I planned to write this article already yesterday so I was already thinking what I should write during our trip from Mora to Bruksvallarna. After packing the car in heavy rain without any snow in end of November I was quite depressed.

The week started quite well. We felt strong, could go with the Mora Ski gymnasium to Grönklitt to ski, so everything was perfect. Wednesday afternoon we joined the IFK Mora OK winter training which consisted of an interval run and one hour of floorball. The running part was cool, but later during floorball I crashed my down part of the left quadriceps. This resulted two days without training... Just to have more fun Thursday evening my back started to hurt.

The weather in Mora was also terrible the whole week. +7°C, rain, good weather for beginning of October, but not end of November. Because of these bad snow conditions the ski-o training camp organized by the ski gymnasium was cancelled. As we had already booked our accommodation we decided to do the camp, but only ski without orienteering. So yesterday morning we drove to Funäsdalen. We started in heavy rain in Mora, which later, close to Idre, change to snowfall. So there is some natural snow here, but not enough for ski tracks. We have to drive every time 15 km to Bruksvallarna, to the ski track, but it's still much more than nothing. And the conditions in Bruks are also much better than 10 days ago. They also have some new snow, so they could make more than 20 km tracks. So, now we try to enjoy the winter conditions and ski as much as we can :)



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