Skiing on last year's snow
Saturday, 19 November 2011 16:21

This week our snow season started! We have been in Bruksvallarna together with the Mora ski gymnasium from Monday to Friday. As the weather onditions in Scandinavia are not winter like, it was long time question if we will have snow to ski. Thanks to the snow the organizers kept from last year, they could build up a 2.4 km long lap which was perfect for the Swedish cross country premier last weekend.


We could use the competition track the whole week. It wasn't the best quality, but still much better then nothing! As it was one of 2 places where you could ski in Sweden (Östersund is the other) many teams used the possibility to ski there. The Swedish team with Marcus Hellner, Charlotte Kalla, Anna Haag, French team, some Polish men, Slovakian biathletes and many other Swedish clubs trained there. Sometimes it was really big traffic jam on the track.

We were together with the ski gymnasium, but traveled and lived on our own. Our small team consisted for the training camp of Laura, me and a young Lithuanian ski-o runner, Gabriele Keinaite. She came now to Mora to join us on the training camps.

Under given circumstances I'm absolutely satisfied with the trainings we did in Bruksvallarna. As it was the first week on snow, we did many easy-long trainings, but also some intervals, sprints, a lot of double poleing and one ski-o training also. Thanks to our personal coach from the ski gymnasium, Ola Mopers, we could work a lot on our technique. One afternoon he filmed us and we evaluated the filming in the evening with tips for a better technique. Totally I skied over 200 km, which is the most I ever skied in one training camp.

The ski-o training was a "ski-o-athlon". There were 25 controls out on the 2.4 km track. We had to ski totally 4 laps with a map (each lap had 8-10 controls) plus one lap without map. The controls had no codes, so the hard part of the training was to read out from the map where exactly the control has to be, if you punched wrong you had to do a 300-400 m extra loop (like biathlon). I managed to make a extra loop free race, so I could win with 3 minutes advantage.

This week Orsa Grönklitt dig out their snow from last week so next week we will drive every day up to Grönklitt to ski on their 2 km lap. From next Sunday a ski-o camp was planned, but as it looks like now, there is now snow so we will see what we will do.

Lauras webpage is also online now: or click on her name in the right up corner.

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