Is the winter coming?
Wednesday, 09 November 2011 12:16

The winter IS coming. With slow, very slow steps, but I feel it. Today they started the snow cannons in the ski stadium. Monday morning we go to Bruksvallarna for a ski training camp. Yes, the winter is getting closer. What are my plans for this ski-o season? What should I expect?


One thing is sure: it will be a long and hard season. My main goal is to compete the whole World Cup season (of course if I will have the money...). Next week we will go together with the Mora Skigymnasium to a ski training camp to Bruksvallarna. The last days of November we will join them again for a ski-o training camp in Tänndalen. Later in December we will help organizing the ski-o Riksläger (Swedish National training camp for youths). Just now we look forward to 3 weeks of training camp, only the weather should be on our side, than it would be perfect :)

The competition season starts in Idre, middle of December with the Swedish ski-o Tour. For Christmas and New Year we will travel home to Hungary and Romania, hopefully the snow conditions will allow us to ski many km there too. After some local competitions here in Sweden and an IFK Mora training camp the World Cup season 2012 starts in California. The first time a big ski-o event is organized in the USA. Later in February the second World Cup round, together with the European Championships will be held in Ukraine. Directly after the week, a charter plane will take the competitors from Kiev to Astana for the third World Cup round in Kazakhstan. The last round will be organized "here in Sweden", but almost 900 km far away from Mora, up in Boden. As I said, my plan is to run all the races, but I still don't know how much money we will have (how much the Romanian Federation, the club can support me).

The last weeks we had very good trainings. Every week a lot of roller skiing, biking, running, strength. We had also a guest, Dóra Szerencsi (she is from Hungary, but lives now in Stockholm). Together we made some orienteering trainings and once we skied up from Orsa to Grönklitt (she drove the car up).

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