Between the seasons
Tuesday, 01 November 2011 12:00

When does the summer season start? Just after the winter, ski season is over. This year this border was little bit extreme for us. Two days after the ski-o World Championships we already traveled to Poland for a summer training camp with IFK Mora. There I still felt very good. Had a lot of energy in my legs, orienteering was easy so it was fun. But the fun was over after we came home. I felt tired, so I had to make 10 days of "season ending" rest. Unfortunately the Swedish sprint championship were just after my rest, so I ran very bad in the qualification and a little bit better in the final.

The week after the club had the second training camp together with Elitserien competitions in Husqvarna. The whole week was a big fight for me...Beginning of May I competed on 10Mila, I had a hurt in my ankle, but competed quite well (for my expectations). After the spring competition season I had a whole month only for training and filling up the batteries. June started with some good sprint races in Falun and our first travel back to Hungary for competitions. It was the middle distance and relay champs. I had a very-very good middle qualification (qualified as 3rd from my heat - personal best till than), but a terrible final (it was to hot, I couldn't concentrate, made a lot of mistakes). The next day I was first runner, missed the 3rd control and had to fight to get back to the bunch... June had also our first Jukola. I ran a long leg only with small mistakes, but got big-big stomach ache on the last part and couldn't run maximum speed (I had problems with my stomach the whole day after the race - running around 4-5 in the morning is not so good for the body). After Jukola we had a very bad month. We were both sick (Laura had sinusitis). We tried to competed on Idre Fjäll orienteering race, but it was bad...

After the sickness, O-Ringen was waiting for us. It was our first O-Ringen so we really enjoyed it! The terrain was hard, but still fun to compete 5 days. Beginning of August we made some days holiday in the Baltic countries. There we competed 3 days and made at least one orienteering training in every country. Middle of the month we both ran on leg (same leg) of the VasaStafetten (Laura finished 3rd with her women team). Later in August we traveled home to Romania and Hungary for meeting our families and compete. It was our absolutely high point of the foot-o season. We ran very good on the Transylvania Open (I won the total of 3 days). Some days later we ran the Romanian sprint and middle distance championships. The sprint was good, fast, but the middle distance was terrible (not only my race, the whole competition-map was really bad...). Saturday we took part on Hungarian sprint championships. It was my best ever sprint day! I qualified from the second place in my heat (personal best :) ). This time I was better trained for the second race in the afternoon, so I ran good and finished 9th. The last race in Hungary was the team championships.

Back in Sweden the autumn season started with Swedish middle distance championships. I had a good beginning of the qualification, but on the last part (on the technically hard part) I made a big-big mistake. Next day I wasn't really motivated for the final, but made a good mistake free race. The second part of the autumn season, same time the last race of the season, was the 25manna. We ran in IFK Moras second team. I crashed into a tree already to the first control, hurt my right leg, so running was hard. I missed only some seconds so I'm satisfied with my 25manna this year.

All the season was an up and down. April and July were the absolute downs with being tired and sick. End of August, beginning of September (our trip home to Romania and Hungary) was the total up. Totally I'm satisfied with this summer season. I learned a lot, trained a lot and I feel that I'm getting better and better. Since August I had a very good training period so I'm expecting to have my best ever ski-o season :) Only the snow is missing...


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