Grand Slam Cup - Roller ski-o, bike-o and foot-o
Thursday, 20 October 2011 09:25

This week started with a local triple orienteering race. It was organized for the Mora ski-o gymnasium for their students, but as we train often with them this autumn we could also join. I had Monday an MTB-O race, Tuesday a roller ski-o and finally Wednesday a chasing start normal foot orienteering. Laura won the women class and I finished 2nd in the men class (was beaten by Simon Fors on the finish of the chasing start...)



This part of the race was organized with 3 different starting times (one for every school year). I decided to go on Monday morning with the oldest students, so at 8 am the bike orienteering started.It was a good competition in the beginning, no mistakes on the first part. After the map change I made two mistakes were I lost some time, but when the last part with the long routes started I had 3 minutes advantage. I took good routes on the long legs (maybe to the last control it would have been faster to continue on the big road and turn later right). I pushed full speed till the finish (64 minutes) and had finally 7 minutes advantage (after all students have done the course). Map reading was ok, but I still need more experience to know how much it's worth to bike more just to have some big-fast road. Laura bike Wednesday morning and had also a good time, 10 minutes better then the second girl. My map: part 1, part 2

Roller ski-o

The second part of the Grand Slam Cup was the roller ski-o on Tuesday. Some months ago I didn't thought that I will ever do roller skiing in rain, on wet underground, but now we had to do it. And not only easy roller skiing, no a maximum speed sprint ski-o! The whole race was in a flats area of Mora. I made once again a good race missed only 10 seconds when I had to stop, because I had my map up and down and couldn't understand where I am. But when I arrived to the finish I didn't understand why I'm 3rd and how Simon could beat me with more than 2 minutes. Then the other boys showed me what some have done: you see the small map on the right, after punching control 5 they cut the corner running with their skis on trough the forest. As we had that control in 2 of 3 laps and I was skiing around both times, I lost more than 1 and a half minutes there... Laura had big problems with the wet underground, so she finished on the 6th place between the women. My map: part 1, part 2, part 3

Foot orienteering

The big final was on Wednesday afternoon. To make it more interesting the teachers didn't count the times of the two races before, instead they used a point system so on the chasing start I had only 27 seconds advantage to Simon. I knew, that he will catch me, so my tactic was to start easy, let him catch me, allow him to run first and hope that he misses. Everything was as planned, but he was also smart and didn't run to far away, so when he was not sure about where he was he just looked at me and waited that I run to the control. Running to the last control I saw him running to much to the right. That was my chance! I ran straight to the control, but saw Simon already on the last part, that he realized his miss and runs full speed towards the control. We punched the last control same time, but he was faster on the finish, so he beat me with some meters. Laura was starting first some seconds before Sonja and Frida. They catched her in the beginning so all the course they were running together. Laura made a tactical good race, allowing Frida to run in front and get tired. So to the last control Laura took the lead and finally won the race! My map.

I'm really satisfied with my races. I feel good, it's cool to have diversity in the training. We had 3 great competitions! Thanks Mora ski-o gymnasium!

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