365 x 25 = 9125 people
Wednesday, 12 October 2011 11:43

It was a long time I wrote last time, but not much happened the last two weeks. The most important event of the last two weeks was the 25manna. Beside the competition we trained a lot (for example first time ever roller ski orienteering - here the map). The winter is getting closer so we need to fill up our muscles to be strong for the long ski season. As the name shows 25manna is a 25 persons relay. It's one of the big three relays in Scandinavia (365 teams competing - so 365 x 25 = 9125 runners), but contrary to Jukola and 10mila the team has not only elite runners. There have to be also youth competitors, older competitors, man, women so everything. This race shows which teams work best from young to old, not only on elite level. After running last autumn in Moras 3rd team (we were absolutely new in the club last autumn), this year we got place in the second team. I was running the 5th leg and Laura the last one. Compared to other Swedish terrains we got a very easy competition last weekend. It was much path running and big details to see on the map and in the forest. Unfortunately I hit my right leg already on the way to the first control so all my race was a fight against the pain... I made a small mistake (around one minute) to the 11th control, but otherwise it was a good race technically. I was very frustrated to see so many people passing me on the big paths, roads, but I simply couldn't run, I had so strong pain. I was very happy to arrive to the finish and give over the map to the next leg. Here my map.

Laura had a very-very good race! She started a little bit shy to the first 2-3 controls, but found her rhythm and catched a bigger group. She was leading the group almost all the way till the finish and could sprint faster than all other girls, so she could make up 2 places and IFK Moras 2nd team finished on a good 77th place (as I see the organizers had some problems with the time keeping, so now we are 81st on the results list, but it could change more, so I don't know our final result,  but I think it's not so important).

Sunday was organized a middle distance competition. I couldn't compete as my leg still hurt to much, but Laura made once again a good race.

25manna was our last orienteering competition of the season. No we concentrate absolutely on the winter season. We plan our training camps, our races, travels everything. It take quite much energy to search cheap flights, accommodations but hopefully we will manage to take part at everything we have planned. But we are still searching for some sponsors, so if you want to be our sponsor just contact us :)

Next week I'm going to write a little bit about the ski-o season 2011-2012.



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