One year
Sunday, 25 September 2011 18:46

How fast the time goes by... A whole year passed already since we moved here to Sweden. It was a hard year, but we enjoyed it so much! First we had to find a place to live, then some work and finally to learn Swedish. Thanks to Ampe for giving us a place to stay the first days, thanks the Rapp, Johansson and Lövgren families for their help, thanks to Kane and Eva Jurenikova for teaching us Swedish and thanks to all the IFK Mora club!This is how our little Clio looked like when we moved...

One year is not only 12 months or 365 days. It's much more:

- 291 trainings/competitions
- 42 orienteering competitions
- 22 ski-o competitions
- more than 2700 km of training
- over 130 hours of searching controls in the forest (with skis, with bike and only by foot)

And the result?

- personal best on Ski-O World Championships (Laura competed the first time at WOC and European Championships)
- we both run the first time on 10Mila, Jukola, 25 Manna, O-Ringen, Swedish Championships (foot-o and ski-o)
- best ever result on Hungarian Sprint Championships
- and we learned a lot of orienteering

But we still have to train, learn more to be better and better. Hopefully next year we can write personal best results to all the big competitions we compete.

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