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Monday, 19 September 2011 20:18

...marry me? Was the question I asked Laura some weeks ago :) She answered yes.



Last weekend we competed on the Middle distance and relay Swedish championships. Sadly our results were really bad, so I don't feel that I want to write too long about the race, but I will try do write a little bit.

Compared to Romania (without qualification) and Hungary (qualification and final the same day), here the middle distance is organized in two separate days. The competition weekend was down in Trollhättan (near Gothenburg), so we traveled there already on Thursday. Arriving there in the afternoon we made an easy map training. I was surprised who many stones and how detailed the map was.

Friday afternoon we had the qualification... I started well, missed a little bit to control 3, but still managed to run a good speed (of course good for me, but slow compared to the Swedish runners...) till control 14. There I missed, because I saw the path and thought that I'm already on the path to the east of the control. But my competition destroying mistake came to control 16. When I was at 15 and watched on the map I already got afraid. I had absolutely no idea of how I will find that control, so I just started to run, and I ran and ran without knowing were I am. After some minutes I decided to go down to the path under the stone walls, on the south side of the control. When I got the the path I was shocked to see where I was... This mistake totally destroyed my competition, so instead of an D-E final I qualified to the G final :( The map. Laura unfortunately had also some problems like me and qualified only to the D final, but comparing the times she run the second best time of the IFK Mora women (behind Magdalena Olsson).

Saturday we had to wake up very early as all the finals (except for the A finals) had an early start. I was not so motivated for this race. My only plan was to run a race without mistakes. My map. The second control was again in the same area as my "big mistake control" one day before, so I really took it very easy (just walked) there so I found it this time without problems. All the race I was running good, only with some stops to watch more the map and be sure that I'm on the right place. From 6 to 7 I had an interesting route choice, as I was afraid of all the small valleys and stone walls on the straight way, so I decided to run down to the path and then up near the control. I run a little bit under at control 11, but had enough energy for the last part to run up fast to the last control and make the best time (of the G final) on that lap. Zsolt Lenkei, our IFK Mora teammate (and also runner from Hungary) had an extraordinary race finishing 5th, only 7 seconds from the bronze medal. Wow, congratulations!

The last competition of the weekend was the relay. As there were more women for two relays, Laura had to run in the man relay together with me and Matthias Argards. Matthias run very good, he came only some minutes behind the leaders. Laura had a hard job, to compete with all the man. She run her best race of the weekend! She run strong, but only lost some minutes on a mistake in the end. Unfortunately I was almost alone all my race. After the middle races I started to secure, trying to follow all the small hills and marshes, so I lost some minutes already to the first control, but later I felt better and better till the 5th control where I missed some minutes. From there on I met only one person around the 17th control. So I had to fight to be motivated, to concentrate. The map.

This Swedish Championships weekend was a big disappointment for me. First, because I made the big mistake on Friday, but later because I developed my orienteering skills so much since last year, but I'm still so far from the best ones. I can run the same route without mistakes like the top runners, but reading the map takes much-much more time for me... Compared to last year I'm also a much better runner, but still it's not enough. Now the foot-o season is over (only 25manna is left) so now we start to concentrate on the winter season, try to plan our trainings, competitions.


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