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Friday, 09 September 2011 18:19

I had an almost perfect weekend. After some days home at my parents we traveled to Targu Jiu to run on the Romanian Sprint and Middle distance Championships. Friday, after the middle distance race, we drove directly to Budapest. Saturday and Sunday we competed on the Hungarian Sprint and Team Score Championships. Between Sunday evening and Wednesday morning we have been in Sopron, visiting Laura's family, and finally since Wednesday evening we are back home in Mora. It was a long travel, but we had a lot of fun and enjoyed a lot of good competitions.

Romanian Sprint Championships
The competition was organized in the center of Targu Jiu. We arrived there Wednesday evening, so we went out with Laura for a small walk to see how the town looks. It was good to see some small gates, steps and different things, as the whole race was in the park and the walking areas around. I was a little bit unlucky as I started in the beginning and a lot of people didn't know what's going on in their town, but I managed to make a good race. Unfortunately it was a just running-no orienteering competition so I lost a lot of time compared to the good runners. I finished finally 6th. But only 17 seconds from the bronze medal. Compared to other years its a good result. Only some seconds behind Simi Suciu (3rd) and Tamas Bogya (5th) it a good progress. Zinca won the race with an impressive margin. He is the clearly the best sprint orienteer in Romanian for the moment. Laura's race had some mistakes, the biggest one at the last control as the strips which are normally only between the last control and the finish line were much longer and she was searching the control at the end of the marking. She finally finished 5th, but got a bronze medal as there were two foreign competitors in front of her :D After some time the organizers realized that she is also not a Romanian citizen, so she had to give the medal back... My sprint map.

Romanian Middle distance Championships
I don't want to write to many comments on this competition. I made many mistakes, it was a really bad map, so it's a day to forget. Laura made also mistakes, but the others made more so she finished 3rd :) But got no medal again... stupid rules of the Romanian Orienteering Federation. Directly after the race we drove on some beautiful roads (I was the first time in that part of Romania) to Timisoara and then up till Budapest.

Hungarian Sprint Championships
This years sprint race was organized in Vac. A beautiful small town 25 km to the north of Budapest,  on the banks of the Danube. The program was a qualification race in the morning and the final in the afternoon. 24 persons are running the final so our goal was to be in the top 8 in our heats (top 12 for the women). We both managed it without problems: Laura came 6th and I finished 2nd. The qualification was organized in a park-forest area close to the river and the last part was quite tricky, so I couldn't relax till the second last control. Then I knew that everything is ok and I don't have to push. My map.
The final was a totally different race. We had to run mostly in the old town and some parts trough an open park. I tried to relax between the race, but the +30 °C didn't really helped me in my recovery. As the 21E A finals started last we had to wait almost two hours in the quarantine zone. So I felt a little bit tired before the final, but I knew that I'm in a much better shape then last year (then I finished last in the A final, because I got very tired on the second race). I did no mistakes all the race, lost some seconds in the beginning because of some tourists standing in my way. Between control 13 and 15 I felt tired, but running down again to the finish area gave me some extra energy, so I could push again and run some best times on the last small lap. I finished finally 9th. A very good race and result for me, but still not 100% satisfied as I lost the 8th place only by 2 seconds and the 7th place only by one more second. The top 8 would have been a great result as those get points in the final ranking. My final map. Laura made again some mistakes, was tired in the hot weather and finished finally on the 15th place.
As my goal for the two sprint champs was top 6 in Romania and top 10 in Hungary, I have to be absolutely satisfied.

Hungarian Team Score Championships
Hungary is the only country where I have seen this kind of team score race. You have a compulsory course and 35 free controls. The team consists of 3 persons, everybody has to punch first the A (first compulsory) control then the compulsory course in the right order and finally the finish. Between the compulsory controls the team divides the free controls, so when you arrive to the finish all controls have to be punched. I was running for my Hungarian team, Göcsej, together with Solyom and Ati. As we started as the first team the forest was really empty in the beginning. I got the most controls and the longest course. I missed some minutes on the first free control, but from there on everything went well. I arrived first of our team to the finish, but the time of the last competitor counts. Ati arrived 6 minutes behind, but unfortunately Solyom made a 10 minutes mistake in the last part of the course, so he arrived over 20 minutes behind me. More and more teams arrived to the finish, some teams forgot to punch some controls so they were disqualified. As time went on we realized how important 10 minutes he lost... it was the bronze medal we lost there. Of course other teams missed also, so everybody can say: IF ... Still our 7th place was the very best ever for my team! It was very fun to compete there and so I say thank you to my team-mates! The map.




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