Yes, I can!
Tuesday, 30 August 2011 09:28


Yes, I can! (win again) I'm back on the winning track :) (or maybe its the first time for me in foot orienteering?). Last weekend we competed at the Transylvania Open which was the same time Romanian Cup (but only the first 2 days). We had a very long trip home as our plane from Stockholm was one hour late, so we arrived to Budapest at 1am and drove from there directly till Cluj. Luckily the competition was in the afternoon, so we could relax some hours before.


Thursday morning Mora: 10°C, Friday afternoon Cluj at least 30°C. Do you see the difference? We felt it... It was very hard to get used to this hot weather and to run in this conditions. First competition was a middle distance. As it was my first competition in Romania for one year I planned to start easy, to get used again with this kind of terrain, map. I made a good race missing around 30 s to the second control (I was already looking for the next leg and forgot to look around for the control) and 2 minutes to control 7 (I was there, but couldn't see the gully :( ). To my big surprise I finished 2nd. Here the map.

Next day we had a long distance (WRE race). My plan was to make a course without mistakes, try to keep a good speed during the whole race. As the first day I started easy and speed ed up during the race. I had absolutely no problems with finding the controls, unfortunately I had some routes, but was very satisfied with my technical part of the race. Physically I'm also much better prepared then the last years, so I could push almost all the race. In the end I was tired, but comparing the split times I was still faster then Suciu (the winner). I lost 2 minutes to the first control (long leg), because of my easy start. In the finish I was second again 5 minutes behind Suciu. The total results of these days were the Romanian Cup, so I was second :) Map part 1 and part 2.

As usually, the last day of the Transylvania Open was a chasing start competition. It was called a middle distance, but with 9.3km, I think it was more a shortened long distance :) I knew already before the start, that Suciu is not going to compete, so I was running out first. I had more than 6 minutes advantage to the next runner, so I started again very calm and easy. My biggest mistake was on control 9 where I ran 30m to the left. You can never say that you had a perfect race, but I'm really satisfied. Of course I didn't pushed, so orienteering is much easier with low pulse :) I arrived to the finish as the Transylvania Open winner with more than 10 minutes margin. Map.

Laura competed also quite well this weekend. Friday afternoon she finished 4th with some orienteering mistakes. Saturday the the long distance - WRE race was her most important competition. She made almost no mistakes finishing on a very good 3rd place only 3 and a half minutes behind the winner Simon Agi. She started from the 5th place on the chasing start one minute behind the 3rd place. She catch the girl starting in front of her, but together they made to many mistakes and the other runner didn't collaborate to much in orienteering in the last part so she was faster on the finish, so Laura finished on the 5th place.

I'm really satisfied with my weekend. It's much more fun to compete when you are prepared and don't have to fight already to the first control. When we are in Sweden on a training or competition I never feel that I have improved anything since last September. But now, finally I felt that the time spent in the Scandinavian forests wasn't lost time :)

Now we are for some days in my home town, visiting my parents, grandparents, friends. Thursday we will run the Romanian Sprint championships and on Friday the Middle distance. Saturday we run Sprint Hungarian Championship and Sunday Team Championships. It will be a hard weekend, but I think I'm well prepared for so short races.

Thanks for the picture to Kocsik Arpi!



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