About me

My name is Klaus Csucs. I was born in summer 1987 and grow up in Miercurea Ciuc, Romania. Since September 2010 I live together with my fiancé Laura in Mora, Sweden.

I'm practicing orienteering and ski orienteering since I'm a young boy. Both my parents are runners so I grow up with these sports.

I graduated 2006 from the Marton Aron Gymnasium - Mathematics-Informatics class. After 4 years of studies (one of them in Zürich, Switzerland) in summer 2010, I graduated as an economist from Transilvania University in Brasov.

Moving to Sweden
September 2010. We filled up my small Clio and started our Scandinavian trip. We moved to Mora, Sweden to have better orienteering-ski orienteering possibilities.

Since 2006 I have been working as an assistant manager in the Karpat Tour Travel Agency. During my studying year in Switzerland I worked as a marketing employee for the Payment Network Gmbh.

In winter 2010 I was the main organizer of the ski orienteering World Winter Week (European Championships, Junior World Championships, Masters World Championships and Youth European Championships).

Durin 2011 I was working as an orienteering coach in the IFK Mora OK club.

Now I'm working at in Älvdalen.

German - mother tongue
Hungarian - mother tongue
Romanian - mother tongue
English - fluent
Swedish - learning



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